Coury Creations is a creative experience brought to life by brothers Robert & Andrew Coury, focusing on fine art, photography, and videography.  As artists since a very young age, they each have their own creative workflow and with their talents combined are able to produce products that are not only pleasing to the eye senses, but evoke emotions within the viewer.

As artists they create works that appeal to the core of what we are as humans. CREATIVE BEINGS. Whether it be through fine art photography, independent short films, or oil on canvas paintings, the Coury brothers strive to provoke change within the viewer on all levels.   

As businessmen their goal is to provide you with a product that is clean, cutting edge, and professional.  They approach each project with an openminded view and clear vision of the final product - a product that will no doubt be imaginative, thought provoking, and unique for every client. 

This combination of talents, and a common goal of creative output, is just..... well..... unique....


ROBERT COURY has been a fine artist for the better part of his life. His first introduction to photography was in high school when he became developing his own filem in the darkroom.   and he has been unable to put a camera down ever since. Up until recently he's been traveling and moving all over the country. It took a giant leap across the United States to Alaska, the totaling of one Explorer Sports Trac, and his subsequent move back to Florida to set his mind into the mode of marketing himself and his artwork.

Robert's desire is to create worlds, through whatever media, in which his imagination can explode and the vision of life around him can be fully expressed. When not living in his imagination and creating art he can be found tromping through the Florida wilds, looking for bones, cloud gazing, or geocaching for hidden treasure.     


ANDREW COURY  has been a photographing weddings for over 5 years, beginning his career as a studio manager for Marshay Studios in early 2007.  Under the apprenticeship of Leah Rose, he quickly learned the ins-and-outs of what it takes to run a successful studio operation, and was able to apply the knowledge he learned from UF's Warrington College of Business.  With a Master's in International Business, a major in Finance, and a minor in Entrepreneurship, Andrew not only enjoys the creative process each project holds, but also the teamwork a planning necessary to bring a vision to reality.

When not hard at work in front of his computer or off photographing an event, Andrew enjoys traveling to kick-ass music festivals, deep sea fishing for swordfish, or just kicking back with his friends and enjoying a good football game.